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Madame Marissa - The Fate Of A Tiny Foot Slave

Madame Marissa - The Fate Of A Tiny Foot Slave

Hey there, little foot slave! Let me grab you and take you out of your cage. I had such a long exhausting day - so you'll have to take good care of my feet while I rest on the couch. Come on! Start massaging them! And I'll take a little nap ....... where did you go?! I don't see you anywhere? Why aren't you working on my feet? I'll search the whole apartment to find you, lazy slave! Oh, there you are - half crushed under my heel! You must have jumped off the table and broke a leg? Well, now your legs are crushed for sure! Guess now you can't climb up and down my feet anymore ... so I'll just use you as my footrest ... and maybe crush you completely later!

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