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Goddess Zephy - Lick My Dirty Socks Again - Loser Of The Month

Goddess Zephy - Lick My Dirty Socks Again - Loser Of The Month
So you losers love my socks so much you beg me to make another sock licking vid?!?! lmao! My alpha feet create the most stinky, damp, pungent, sweat soaked socks on the planetI am extremely active and lift weights everydayand NEVER wash my socks!! The reeking scent could clear out a room and burn the nostrils of NORMAL people, but for you losers it only makes you further enslaved to my goddess feet!! I make dumbass be my foot bitch and lick the discolored soles and suck out all the foot sweat and stench, all with my smelly feet covering his face!

**I actually received a couple pathetic emails from you losers and read them aloud during the clip while my dumbass slave sucks on my socks!! Its unbelievable the amount of guys that grovel at my feet!!

**AND I am picking a loser of the month!**>my online little bitch that I renamed crud, as that is whats on the bottom of my shoes!! he has tributed over $1,000 dollars this month and received my grossest pair of ankle socks in the mail with instructions. you wouldnt BELIEVE the humiliating things I make him dohe even sent me a video clip degrading himself for me to laugh at!! (I might even show it to my gfs lol!). I control him and now he has to ask my permission before doing anything lmao!!! he keeps laying money at my superior feet as I walk all over him!! p-a-t-h-e-t-i-c!!

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