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Czech Soles - Forced Foot Worship From His Own Wife

 Czech Soles - Forced Foot Worship From His Own Wife

Charlie and Marketka are a couple for many years now and last year they got married. Nothing changed at first but slowly Mark?tka has become more and more demanding and these days she wants her husband even to massage her feet almost every day after work. And he's not happy about that. Her feet are usually pretty smelly and Charlie hates it but Marketka practically forces him to massage her feet. Today is one of those days but Charlie decides he'll fight and try to keep his own ground and not to massage his wife's smelly feet today. But Marketka does not feel this to be the right way and she wants to show her husband who makes the decisions around here. So she starts to put her feet in his face and smother him with her smelly feet and soles. Charlie is not happy but what can he do? Mark?tka is even taller than him and she has quite the strength to fight him to the ground. She grabs his hands and presses her feet on his face and laughs at him for being forced to smell her sweaty feet today. Charlie is helpless and Marketka enjoys this foot domination on her husband more and more. Poor guy, when Mark?tka wants something, she'll get it and he's gonna learn this today the worst way he could - by smelling, licking and worshiping her big smelly feet. After all he has no choice today.

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