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CECILIA - My human doormat - Human rug

 CECILIA - My human doormat - Human rug

Bratty Cecilia comes back home and wants the soles of Her shoesclean: they are really filthy from the dirt of the streets, but She doesn't care and She pretends a perfect cleaning: She orders him to take his tongue out and She starts to wipe and rub hard the soles over his tongue. She looks at him like he were an insect while he swallows the dirt and She crushes his face under Her shoes, pressing hard Her heel into his cheek like She wants to pierce it. She loves to see Her pathetic slave sucking Her heels as deeply as he can: She pushes them down his throat, like She is fucking his mouth with them. After a while She steps on his chest, digging Her heels deep into his flesh and forcing him to continue licking Her soles until They are perfectly clean...

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