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Reality Girls Scissors - Dacey - Gagging Santa

Reality Girls Scissors - Dacey - Gagging Santa

Shoving her foot down Santas throat, making him project bile and cry tears is not likely an event Dacey always included with the holidays, but she has never looked more beautiful with her perfect hair cascading over her shoulders while she face fucks Santa in brutal, unforgiving foot-gagging action here. In a school skirt and top she makes him take off her fish heads and shoves her bare feet into his throat like a jack-hammer, making the merry man buck and gag and dry heave until tears spill from his eyes. She jumps, bites her lip as he gags; her shoes beside his head as he gags hard with her leaning against the wall she mocks him for his pitiful gagging sounds from having her foot plunging his throat. The hot brunette gets in the spirit and decides to make him sing Jingle Bells and makes him hurl and buck and gag and retch on the last note. Dacey plows his throat her foot sliding down and enlarging the big mans throat. She tells the bringer of gifts that she likes him better with her foot in his mouth then pulls off a gag on the bearded man one leg straight against the wall and one foot in hs throat making fluids explode from within the jolly man. She makes him sing more songs as she rocks his body like hes being shocked as she buries her foot down his mouth. A knee into his heart as she reverse foot gags him the relentless foot gagging continues from above him as he tries to talk when she makes him and sing and makes the holidays step-fathers eyes cross as her foot occupies his throat. Dry heaves more dry heaves from foot gagging from the leggy hottie jumping and mocking his pain and gagging sounds. Jack-hammer brutality as she makes the king of the season sing holiday songs turning colors from her foot filling his face. She sits on his chest and rams both feet into his face ripping his face and wildly hurting the holiday man. She stands on his chest taking his wind; he hurls into his throat he struggles and dry heaves as she tells him Get in the spirit, geez. Jack-hammer gagging him again, he fills his throat with bile as she leaves the holiday gag slut in pain beneath her. Time: 19:46

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