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Kiffa Feet Deusa Bossy hot roommate EP 1 ruins stupid slave date

Kiffa Feet Deusa  Bossy hot roommate EP 1 ruins stupid slave date

Her Bossy roommate is enjoying a relaxing time on her sofa when her stupid roommate walks in to the living room. He complains that she is invading the sofas footrest. She gestures to ask him to give her a foot massage. He says she is too bossy and a bitch. He is made to smell her feet. She orders him to give his feet a massage. He did the foot massage while wearing her sneaker. He is slapped because he is such an idiot. He and his stupid roommate have a 20-minute date. He will lose his date because shell make him lose it! He is to bring her food and pay for it. He ordered her food and paid for the purchase. He continued to smell her socks. He is forced to smell her feet. She tells him that its her turn to clean the house. She will have him clean the house while she goes to see her boyfriend. He wont go with his date and will clean her house. He is a terrible roommate. He is so stupid, she makes him swallow his socks! The foot worship continues, she makes him suck on her toes and gag on her feet while she lounges on the couch. He is late and the stupid roommate has lost his date. She orders him to clean his room while she goes on her date. He is such an inept roommate, and she is such an awful roommate.

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