FootFetish » Foot Worship » Licking Girls Feet - ALSU, RADA - Crawl like a worm and worship our feet

Licking Girls Feet - ALSU, RADA - Crawl like a worm and worship our feet

Alsu and Rada tied the pathetic slave girl malvina and decided to have some fun with her. They stood on different sides of the room and called the slave girl in turn to each other. malvina obediently crawled and kissed the girls feet like a worm .. She was tied up so it was hard for her to crawl, but that was the fun .. "You are a pathetic worm! All you can do is crawl at our feet, do not raise your head above my ankle, bitch! Look at my soles .. theyre dusty! " Alsu said and raised her foot a little .. Alsus sole was dusty and malvina realized that it was necessary to fix it. The slave girl throughly licked the soles of Alsu, swallowing everything that gets into her mouth. "Did you forget about my soles, whore?" Asked Rada and also began to wipe their soles on the tongue of the slave girl. The girls looked down at the bound and pitiful malvina while she humiliatingly, lying on the floor, worshiped their feet.

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