FootFetish » Foot Worship » Licking Girls Feet - KAREN and RADA - We don't care about your taboos. You re just a new bitch for humiliation

Licking Girls Feet - KAREN and RADA - We don't care about your taboos. You re just a new bitch for humiliation

Pathetic suzanne wanted to privately worship Rada's feet so that no one would know about it. But today Rada is not alone, but with her friend Karen. "Too honorable for her to only worship my feet.. clean ones too.. Let's get our feet dirty and see what the bitch is good for!" Rada suggested and Karen agreed. Rada knew that suzanne hated dirty feet and when they had a private session of foot worship, she told Rada about her taboos. She was afraid of becoming a real slave and could not stand the dirt. But there were so many private sessions of foot worship that now suzanne does not dare to say anything against Rada and will follow all her orders. Therefore, Rada decided to make her a real slave and share her with her friend. The girls thoroughly soiled their soles and ordered suzanne to lick off the dirt. suzanne disgustedly licked and swallowed the dirt from the feet of the girls, realizing that now no one would ask her opinion, but simply give orders to her. Karen and Rada humiliated her morally and and told her various insults while she licked the mud from their soles and sucked their toes. suzanne has never been treated like this before.. Well.. from now on, it will happen often, as now she is just a miserable slave.

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