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The Patient Foot Licker (FF Foot Worship)

A young girl kneels and waits patiently, her eyes fixed on the living room door. She has been waiting a long time and finally she is rewarded. Another girl enters the room in slippers and nightie yawning and stretching. She doesn't even acknowledge the other girl but instead goes straight to the sink to do some washing up. The Other girl crawls towards her on all fours and immediately begins licking the girl's bare foot as she pops it out of her slippers.

She runs her long tongue gratefully over the girl'ssoles enjoying every inch of her beautiful foot before the girl then goes to the couch casually eating some fruit and laying on her back. The other girl soon crawls eagerly after and commences her routine, darting her tongue in and out from between the girl's toes, coating her sexy sole in her saliva and tasting and probing everything until the other girl decides she has had enough and silently gets up, slips her slippers back on again and walks off.

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