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Goddess Nulien - Stinky Barefoot Worship and Hard Face Trample After Work

Today was a very long day at work, my poor little slave. And when I came back home my feet were really sweaty and stinky, because they were in my business high heels all day long. And do you know what I dreamed about all day at work? I dreamed about this moment, when I came back home and make you lick and worship my sweaty stinky feet, while you are tied and helpless.

After hiding my desires for all day from the people at work, I wanted in my heart to come home and make you lick under my feet, watching you suffer and crawl beneath my feet as I crush your pathetic loser face under my feet. Yes slave thats right. I will crush your head under my sweaty and stinky feet.

And I dont care how much weight is on your loser face. Because I want to make you suffer slave. And if I want you to suffer, then you will suffer under my divine feet

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