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LICKING GIRLS FEET - Show us how much you love our feet loser

Angela, Lora and Salma decided to have fun today with a slave boy .. lucas had long wanted to become their slave and today he had a chance to prove that he is better than slave girls .. The women sat in the kitchen and chatted on various topics while the slave crawled in turn to each of them and carefully worship their feet. Sometimes women pay attention to the pathetic loser and laugh at his insignificance. We didnt wash our feet especially for you.. Its your duty to lick all the sweat off them! Said Salma and wiped her sweaty soles on the slaves tongue. All the loser could do was thank his Mistress and take care of other womens feet. The slave boy lingered at Angelas feet.. My step-daughter Sarah was talking about you idiot.. She said that you were worthless and now I see that you are even worse! She said disdainfully. After that, the loser crawled up to Lora and throughly began to lick her sweaty feet. Lora was amused by this idiot and she and the women continued to laugh at him. The decision of women depends on his efforts to leave him in slavery or kick him away.

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