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Club Stiletto - Princess Mia - Skater Princess Makes Him Lick

Club Stiletto - Princess Mia - Skater Princess Makes Him Lick

Sexy Mia is a spoiled Princess who figured out early on in life that boys would fall all over themselves just to be near her. So, after spending some hot time in the sun, she has her neighbor lined up to lick and suck her sweaty, dirty feet and toes. He crawls into the room knowing exactly what he has to do. I got my feet nice and stinky just for you. Now what do you say? she asks. Thank you, Goddess he replies, while his tongue laps at the dirt on her soles. You can clearly see that theyre quite dirty and all that filth needs to be licked off by the slave. She sticks each foot into his mouth and rubs the soles over his tongue, which she uses as a cleaning brush. She takes such delight in her power!

Mia spreads her toes and wrinkles her feet so you get a great close up view of the foot that isnt in the slaves mouth. Two very sexy feet; what a shame you arent there to help out! Mia makes sure her slave knows that hes easily replaced and that shes always in charge, and in addition to the foot licking and toe sucking hes required to provide, she uses her feet to slap the slaves face and balls. She sets her feet on top of his head to give you a perfect view of both feet, and asks Wouldnt you like to suck these? and pushes her foot as far down his throat as she can. Clean feet are not all she wants here; she wants to see the slave struggle and suffer as well! As she snuggles into the couch to further enjoy the foot servitude going on, she mentions that later on the slave will lick her armpits, and you can enjoy that hot action in the clip called Everyone Loves A Stinky Goddess.

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