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Goddess Isabel Bratty - Popular Schoolgirl Sock Worship

Goddess Isabel Bratty - Popular Schoolgirl Sock Worship

Hi you stupid loser, you know that Im one of the most popular girls in school and I know that you cant resist me. I see you staring at me from your locker, drooling like the loser that you are. You probably want to have sex with me, ewww. I know Im your dream girl. But youre a fucking loser, so youve got no shot with me. All youll ever get to do is gawk at me in my hot school girl outfit and then go home and jerk your loser dick off, LOL!But the thing I notice you staring at most is my socks. Thats kinda weird. But I shouldnt be surprised from a weirdo freak like you. You just love my knee high white socks, dont you wanker? Do you wanna worship them? Do you want me to turn you into my little sock bitch? Of course you do! LOL, youll do anything for the attention of the most popular girl in school, even letting me humiliate you in front of the whole school! Im gonna tell everyone what a freak you are and how you worship my socks! LOL!Go on loser, kiss my socks. Youll never get to kiss me, youre lucky I even let you kiss my socks. Show me what a complete loser you are for me. Kiss them, idiot. Suck my fucking socks, loser! I can do whatever I want with you because youre so ugly, desperate and pathetic. You dont even care how bad I treat you, just as long as I even pay the slightest bit of attention to you. Im the blonde schoolgirl of your dreams. You worship me, dont you loser?You are completely invisible at this school, everyone thinks youre so pathetic. You should fucking thank me for even letting you kiss my socks. You are nothing, you are a nobody. You know I only hang out with the hot popular guys. So lick and suck my gym socks and be grateful loser. This is your new job at school, you get to clean my socks with your tongue. Youre my personal sock cleaner. Youre such an idiot. Worship me and my perfect socks loser.

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