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Stella Liberty - Foot Slave Neighbor

Stella Liberty - Foot Slave Neighbor

Someone snuck into my place last night while I was asleep according to neighborhood watch and I called you over here becaseu we both know it was you. Now tell me what you were doing over here before I call your parents. You admit it and show me some photos you were taking of me while I slept. Your phone is full of photos of my soles. Seriously, you bothered sneaking into my room and taking pictures of me while I slept and all you did was take pics of my soles? Haahahah. I'm curious to see if you have a foot fetish so I put my pantyhose soles up in your face and start teasing you with them. Indeed, I can see you're getting hard so easily. Let's make a deal, I won't call your parents and tell them what you did, or inform the rest of the complex you are a peeping tom if you pledge to come over here and rub my feet when I get home from work. In fact you're also going to be doing all the chores around my place as well. Now stroke your dick because as soon as you cum I'm locking you up in chastity. Better this than being exposed to everyone right??

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