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Domme Kyaa - Inhale The Sweaty Stinky Scent From My Black Pantyhose

Domme Kyaa - Inhale The Sweaty Stinky Scent From My Black Pantyhose

"Look at you, you're already excited. One fucking glance and my sexy thick black nylons have made you so weak. My pantyhose make you so fucking stupid. You love to worship me. My sexy legs make you so horny when I wear soft stockings like these. My nylons get so sweaty, you need to worship my sweaty thick tight pantyhose.

It makes you so weak to be down there beneath me. Being dominated by my black stinky nylons. I would smother your little bitch face with my nylon covered feet. See my little toes in there, they're all sweaty and stinky from being in my heels all day. If you were here I'd be rubbing them all over your face, making you huff in my scent. Forcing you to inhale it. You just love my stinky, sweaty nylon covered feet and toes.

You have no choice but to take it until I'm satisfied. And after I'm done making you sniff my smelly feet, once I'm satisfied that you have inhaled my precious scent enough. Maybe then I'll let you start worshiping the rest of my sexy stocking legs. They're so soft. Don't they look good on my long legs? The cute little heart on my stockings makes you so weak for me. You're in love with them.

You get so horny for my delicious sweaty stinky nylons. You can't get enough. And just when you're at your weakest, I'll turn around and show you my perfect ass in these pantyhose. And my nylon ass is all sweaty too. And it needs to be sniffed clean. Sniff it loser. Stuff your face right between my nylon cheeks. You're so helpless against me. There's nothing you can do. My little pantyhose nylon sniffing bitch!

Take my ass right on your face and sniff, sniff, sniff! LOL! In your loser fucking dreams! The only way you'll get to sniff it is when you pay, pay, pay."

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