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Nikki Next - College Brat Sock Tease For Old Pervs

Nikki Next - College Brat Sock Tease For Old Pervs

You just cant get enough of my stinky socks can you? Ive been walking around campus all day in my cute little sneakers that make my socks so punky. But you love that. You cant get enough of a hot, young bratty girl in her cute little socks. But I cant blame you, my feet are so cute, small and delicate. Theyre absolutely delicious to a foot fool like you.

Sniff them pervert, sniff my college girl feet. Youre so lucky, arent you? I mean how many college aged girls would even let you near their feet? But they arent free. I mean if you want to be near my cute socks you have to pay, but you know that. And I know that because you cant get enough of my socks and soles. Youre addicted to my feet.

Im going to give you a peek at my wrinkled soles. Dont you wish you could kiss them? I know you do, but I dont let just any loser near my feet. You have to earn them with your wallet. If youre lucky, I might even sell them to you. Or maybe Ill just tease you with them while I tell you that you could never have them. Foot pervs like you deserve to be teased and denied.

But I know that you want them so bad, dont you? I love fucking with your head and all it takes is for me to dangle my cute little socks in front of your face. I know what youd do with them, youd sniff them and jerk off to their scent. Or maybe youd wrap them around your cock as you jerk off. I know youd love to cum inside of them, you dirty old man. Keep wishing and dreaming of what it would be like to sniff my socks. Now I have to get ready for class.

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