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Miss Honey Barefeet - My Heels Are Ruining Your Marriage

Miss Honey Barefeet - My Heels Are Ruining Your Marriage

We both know that my heels are ruining your marriage. You havent been attracted to your wife since you met me, since you found out that I will encourage your fetish of worshiping legs and heels. And your wife would never dress up like I do for you. She would never tease you with her legs and heels. She would never support you for your fetish and who you really are. And she would never give you what you really want.
Admit it, every time you pull your cock out in my presence, every time you jerk off, you hate your wife. You want to give in to my legs and my heels, this addiction is driving you crazy. You cant resist it any more. So Im here to help you with that. Im here to help you enjoy every stroke to my heels. I know you love it. Your cock is so hard as you stroke to my legs and my heels.
You love how I pose my legs and encourage you to stroke for me. Worship me, worship my heels, you can do so any time you like. And we both know your wife would never let you do this. And even if she would, you wouldnt want to, she doesnt look like me. Im better than your wife and we both know it. You want to leave her just so you can suck on my heels. You want to stroke your cock to my heels every fucking day. Its so much better than fucking your wifes pussy.
My heels are ruining your marriage and we both know you want that. You need that. You need someone like me to give you permission to indulge in your kinky thoughts. Stroke your cock to my heels, the more you stroke the more you want to leave your wife. Youre going to divorce her for my heels. Youre going to divorce her because you hate her for never understanding your fetish. You hate her because she doesnt wear sexy pantyhose and heels like I do. She never dangles her heels in front of you. She never teases your cock like I tease your cock with my heels.
She never lets you get on your knees and jerk your cock for her legs and heels, but I do. Stroke it for me. Do you want to cum for my heels? Stroke it faster. Good boy. We can do this every day once you divorce your wife. I can give you what you need.

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