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Goddess Kawaii - sniff my stinky socks

Goddess Kawaii - sniff my stinky socks

Hello my little foot bitch! I have a message for you..a message that you can read with your own eyes! FUCK OFF! Just wanted to know what a pathetic beta male you are. Your didck instantly gets hard the minute you know Ive been wearing some stinky socks. They are sweaty and smell like dirty gym shoes. Ive been working out for hours so they smell pretty bad. So, why not have you sniff them and worship them. Ill tease you by having you sniff each foot, one at a time. Inhale deeply so you are captivated by the aroma. MMMMMMyou say when you breathe it in. You love sniffing while I laugh in your face. When I take off my socks you will sniff my feet, and then lick them clean. Do a good job slave or Ill punish you

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