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Ashley Alban - Rival Takes Revenge on Your Wife

Ashley Alban - Rival Takes Revenge on Your Wife
You are at home when you unexpectedly receive a visit from one of your wifes coworkers. You tell her your wife is away on a business trip. She says that she is aware of that of courseshe wanted to visit you. She begins to flirt with you, mentioning how she saw you looking at her at the last Christmas party. As she talks, you cant help but focus more and more on her sexy feet. She suddenly realizes that youre staring at her feet. She asks if you like feet, and you shyly admit it. Although she seems to think its a bit weird, she asks if you want to jack off to her feet. You do. She explains that she actually hates your wife, so she wanted to come over here to seduce you, because she knows you think shes attractive. She thought she would have to fuck you (something she wasnt looking forward to), but having you just stroke your cock while you look at her feet makes this so much easier. And she warns you not to try to back down, or she will blackmail you. No, she wants revenge on your bitch wife and this will be fun. She shows off her feet and slides her heels off as well to tease you with her stocking clad feet. She tells you that you cant cum for your wife anymore. You have to save up all of your cum for her feet. She laughs at the thought that your wife will think you dont like her anymore. You like this though, dont you? You like being bad and being told what to do. When youre ready to cum, she grabs a pair of your wifes office shoes and tells you to ejaculate into them. That way, the next time your wife wears them to the office, she can get a good laugh.

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