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Luna Sapphire - Boss Sweaty Foot Punishment

I've heard some rumors around the office that you stare at women's feet. You can't deny it, I have proof that you're a little foot freak! This kind of behavior is unacceptable in the workplace, so I have a punishment designed just for you. Since you can't stop fantasizing about feet long enough to work, you are going to be My foot bitch! I've been walking around in these heels and pantyhose all day so they're nice and dirty for you. First, I make you lick the dirt off the bottom of My shoes, suck on the heel, and sniff and lick the inside of My high heels. Next, it's time for you to sniff My sweaty pantyhose feet. They look so sexy covered in black nylon but they stink! When I take off the stockings, it's time to really prove what a good foot slave you can be. You take My bare feet in your face, smelling them thoroughly and licking up all the sweat from My soles and in between My toes. I finish you off by making you suck My toes and shoving My foot in your mouth. Now you are dismissed - I'll call on you next time My feet need cleaning.

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