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Maryan Red - Enslaved by my dirty stinky socks

Maryan Red - Enslaved by my dirty stinky socks

What are you doing? You are staring at my nasty stinky socks, really? Is it me or you seem to really enjoy this view? You seem to enjoy that disgusting feet scent are you sure? Come closer and have a sniff!
I see you really have a fetish for sweaty damp socks! I always knew there was something wrong with you! People are gonna laugh so hard when Im going to tell them about this! Oh, you dont want me to tell anyone? Well, what about you become my personal slave, and I will keep your secret? You would do anything for me just to be able to sniff my socks daily!
The stinkiest my socks will be the more obedient you will become. Ill enslave you just with my feet scent. I want you to continue sniffing my nasty socks while you entertain me and jerk your c0ck. Thats right, your first slave task is to cum for me! In fact, want you to cum everyday for my dirty socks from now on. You are my socks slave forever!

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