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Goddess Fetish - Smell Dirty Socks

Goddess Fetish - Smell Dirty Socks

I am just teasing you! I know everything about your fetish! I've seen you sniffing my dirty stinky socks. I'm not laughing at you, don't worry. I think this is so cute! I like that you get off while sniffing my smelly socks. I don't want you to be ashamed. Since it's not a secret anymore that means I can tease you with my sweaty socks. I could put them in your face while we have sex, I could put your cock between my socked feet. Would you like that? Take your c0ck out! I want you to cum for my socked feet. Sniff them good while I put them close to your face. I'm gonna tease you until you cum on my dirty and smelly Tommy Hilfiger socks!

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