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Maryan Red - One week old dirty stinky Hanes socks

Maryan Red - One week old dirty stinky Hanes socks

I have worned the same pair of Hanes socks for over a week just for you. Come here and sniff them! This is the longest i have ever worn the same pair of dirty socks. They are really nast and you really like it! You know I wouldnt do this for anyone else but you, cause that look on your face is priceless!
I tease you while talking about my stinky socks for a couple of minutes. Its horrible! The room is filled with this scent now! I just wanna take them off and feel the fresh air on my barefeet. But you want to sniff them some more! I cant believe you can put your face so close to them! You really are someone special!
I tell you to go check the meat that is cooking in the oven. I cant stand it anymore, my feet are really itchy and I dont want you to see me scratching them. Oohh it feels so good! These socks gave me athletes foot!
You come back in the room without notice and you see me scratching my toes. Embarassed, I try to deny it. I pretend that they are hurting and you have to come rub them a little. You finally give me permission to take off my socks. I rub my socks between each toes and so I can get the toe jam off for you to keep with these socks. Enjoy those stinky fungus socks!

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