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Angel Lee - Dirty Socks and Boots

Angel Lee - Dirty Socks and Boots

Angel Lee has been out all day and when she gets home she just wants to relax. Her friend (POV) decides to play a prank on her and when she takes off one of her boots, runs away with it. It is hidden in a huge warehouse, and Angel has to find it if she wants to get it back. She is not thrilled about it and walks gingerly trying to keep her anklet socks clean but starts walking normally when it becomes a lost cause. Her socks are super dirty and she is not thrilled about it. When she finds her boot, she puts it on and walks back to where she was sitting. Angel sits down to remove the boots and the bottoms of her dirty socks are on full display. She complains about it, and walks off grumpy about their filthiness. OTHER KEYWORDS- leggings, spandex, blondes, MILF, athletic, girl next door, GND, DID, damsel in distress, high heeled boots

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