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Dominant Princess - Teased By The Dangle

Dominant Princess - Teased By The Dangle

I know that you just love to see a hot lady with beautiful legs and heels but what you really love is to see is a sexy heel dangling from a sexy foot. It just seems to tease you, to have you fixated. I'll mesmerize you, making you feel so weak. It puts Me in control, I can just sit in front of you seducing and toying with you, it's so subtle, I know what you want what you need to see, all I need to is dangle that shoe, it's just like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey, constantly teasing you making you want Me more!

Includes but not limited to... dangling, high heels, platform heels, shiny heels, foot fetish, soles, toes, pink polished toenails, wrinkled soles, legs, crossed legs, femdom pov, brat girl, teasing, mesmerize, mind fucking, powerful woman, upskirt.

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