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Mistress Lola Ruin Under My Boots

Mistress Lola Ruin  Under My Boots

Well here you are again, My favourite little boot slut. What do you imagine I might have you do for Me today? I can already see you lusting over these boots, and YOU are going to lick them clean whilst you jerk your pathetic little dicklette for Me. I want you to run your tongue up and down the entire length of these boots, tasting and savouring that patent leather. I want you to suck on the heel of My boot like the filthy little boot slut you are. Start jerking nice and slowly whilst your little bitch tongue cleans those soles for MeI want you so addicted to these boots so that worshipping them is the ONLY way you are able to have an orgasm. Keep jerking and keep your tongue on that filthy sole. Swallow those germs whilst you edge that cock on My countdown. Are you frustrated My little boot pervert? Good. I want you conditioned to loving being a pathetic little boot cleaner for Me. Jerk hard and fast, and get ready to edge for My boots again. . That sexy patent leather if your favourite taste in the world isnt it slut? This is your only purpose in life, to clean My filthy boots under My command. Will I finally allow you to empty those poor, aching balls onto these patent boots you love so much? Either way, you are such a lucky boot slut arent you, permitted to live under My boots right where you belong

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