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Miss Honey Barefeet Using You And My Heels To Make Another Slave Jealous

Miss Honey Barefeet  Using You And My Heels To Make Another Slave Jealous

My heels always bring you to your knees. Youre so eager to please me like a good obedient foot boy. You need to worship my heels all the time. You love this. You love being on your knees in front of me. Youve dedicated your life to your kink. Nothing makes your cock harder than worshiping a pair of sexy heels.

I know you like my heels, you havent stopped staring at them. These heels were a gift from a slave. He would be so jealous and horny to know that you have worshiped them first. Ill bet it turns you on to know that other men worship your Goddess. Ill bet that makes you jerk off faster. That makes you so horny.

I know you cant wait to jerk it like a good obedient foot puppet. So pull out your cock and jerk it. I know you want to kiss them and lick them and rub your cock all over them. Youre such a lucky loser that I allow you to be the first person to worship these new heels. You want to caress their perfection with your tongue. Cover them with kisses loser. Theyre so sexy.

I know that nothing feels better than having Goddess heels in your mouth. Stroke your cock for me. I know how weak you feel in front of me right now. Youre my devoted foot slave. Youre such a pervert for my heels. I know you want to suck on them. You can stroke your cock while you lick my heels, dont hold back. I want you to cum a nice big load as youre worshiping my heels all because I want the slave who purchased them to get super jealous and horny.

Im sure hes jerking off with tears in his eyes right now knowing Im allowing you to suck on my heels. Theres nothing he can do about it. And I know that by doing this to him, Im turning him more and more into my little foot bitch. So keep sucking them for me loser. You look so pathetic when youre down on your knees licking my heels and sucking my heel. Only a complete loser would degrade himself for me like this, knowing the whole time that Im only using you to make another slave jealous, lol.

Stroke your cock for your Goddesss heels. You cant resist my heels. Youre going to cum so hard for my high heels. Theyre so sexy you cant hold back. Cum, cum for my heels. Look at the huge mess you just made for my heels. You really love this dont you? I know youll be back to be treated like this again very soon.

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