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Young Goddess Kim - Boot camp - Grovelling worm

Young Goddess Kim - Boot camp - Grovelling worm

Welcome to My boot camp training. Today you are to meet Me at the exact co-ordinates I have sent you. you are to leave your ego far behind or, prepare for it to be destroyed. This first day of My leather boot camp will have you broken down into nothing more than a grovelling worm. you will be subjected to My humiliating tasks and prove your obedience and devotion. you will accept that you are not even close to equal to the very dirt I trample beneath My divine leather boots and you will learn how to grovel before your Goddess. If you complete My orders to My satisfaction you will leave everything behind and continue your training at an unknown destination. If you highly amuse Me, I will use your tongue to clean My mud-caked boot soles before I climb into My car and take you with Me. But only if you show Me what a laughable pathetic little worm you are, slithering on the cold muddy ground kissing the dirt I trample beneath My divine leather boots. you will do anything to earn the honor of worshiping Me in My leather boots.

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