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Amy Wynters - Teacher's Dirty Slippers JOI

Amy Wynters - Teacher's Dirty Slippers JOI

Your sexy milf teacher keeps you behind after class, she informs you that she caught you at lunch time snooping in her bag & she was very shocked to see you were sniffing her slippers. She explains that as soon as class is out she takes her heels off & slips straight into her old faithful slippers. She is curious to find out why you were sniffing them, she finds it extremely strange that a boy like you could be into slippers especially these dirty old ones! They are so old & battered & completely ingrained with her foot sweat but she sees this excites you so she starts to tease you, calling you a dirty slippers freak & says that she wants to see how excited you are for her dirty slippers. She encourages you to masturbate for her telling you that its can be your dirty little secret. You can hardly believe your sexy milf teacher is letting you stroke & sniff for her dirty slippers! She counts you down & lets you cum in her stinky old slippers.

Model: Amy Wynters
Format: MP4
Quality: 1920x1080
File Size : 1.01 GB
Duration: 00:07:40


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