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Alyssa Reece Lick My Heels Clean

Alyssa Reece  Lick My Heels Clean
I just came back from a nice dinner and now I want you to lick my high heels clean. You are going to clean every little bit of dust and dirt off of them. It's the only part of me that you're going to get to touch, the bottom of my heels. That's all you deserve. Really work your tongue like a good little slave. You are just a little worm who is only good for cleaning my shoes. You know it's a privilege to get to clean your Goddess' shoes. You're not a real man, you're just a shoe cleaning little slut. You're going to do whatever humiliating task I ask you to do..You're just a little loser who is only good for cleaning my shoes. How do they taste? You can almost smell my feet. They smell so good, don't they? All sweaty after a hot date. You like hearing about my dates with real men, because you know that you're not a real man and that you could never please me.You're just a little sissy. You're only good at being humiliated by your Goddess. You like being humiliated. That's the only way you can get off, isn't it? You are worthless and your only purpose is to please your Goddess and to do whatever I ask you. Any little bit of attention from is the only thing you care about, everything else is a far second. Look at how beautiful and strong my legs are, so soft and smooth. I had a really hot date and I got fucked the way I deserve. I would never fuck you because you're not a real man, you're just a little loser. Are my heels clean enough? You are a good little shoe cleaning slave.

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