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Slave worship Goddess Kiffa dirty Flip flops

 Slave worship Goddess Kiffa dirty Flip flops
Goddess Kiffa relaxing after her shopping spree. The slave asks Goddess Kiffa if she needs a massage, which she accepts. She says that she was spending his money, and was tired. Goddess Kiffa says how much she walked with her flips flops on the town streets, and how much she spent his money. She makes him beg to clean her dirty flips flops soles.The slave began to clean the flip flops soles, as Goddess Kiffa orders. Goddess Kiffa slaps the slave`s face and works with her cellphone, while the slave worships and licks and cleans her flip flops. There is even a bubble gum stuck on her flip flops, with the slave only saw later, and felt very humiliated, that Goddess Kiffa only allowed to lick her dirty flip flops, with dirt from the streets, including a dirty bubble gum. Goddess Kiffa does not allow the slave to lick her feet this time, only her dirty flip flops, as punishment for being a stupid slave. She says that if he licks her flip flops good, he can give a kiss on her big toe. Goddess Kiffa is busy working on her cell phone and ignoring him. In the final scene, Goddess Kiffa makes the slave gags his flip flops while her wearing them.

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