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Goddess Lacey - You Need To Be My Slave

Goddess Lacey - You Need To Be My Slave

You are a slave to your fetishes so weak, so easy to control, to manipulate & humiliate. All I have to do is wear a shiny outfit & sexy heels or flats & you buckle at the knees, helpless, a puddle at My feet begging to be degraded, humiliated & dominated. Kneel slave, bow on your knees-do it! You are My minion. I know exactly what you need, you need to submit, surrender comes naturally to you, especially in the presence of a strong beautiful dominant mistress who will collar, cuff, control & tame you. You think you cant be tamed? You think you are free? Look at yourself! Youre a slave - to Me! Youre just another sole-licking, heel-sucking slave begging to be owned, humiliated and used as my property! You want to be enslaved, to give up control, it turns you on to be manipulated, into doing whatever degrading tasks I tell you to do. You need to be humiliated, you crave to submit and lick my heels. Lick slave, worship the ground I walk on, lick the soles of My shoes and dont you dare touch my divine skin. You still dont understand that to be owned by Me, to be enslaved like you truly deserve, like you so desperately crave, you must submit completely to Me and only Me and only then will you be allowed to serve. Remember you came to Me voluntarily surrendering your freedom, your dignity, self-respect and manhood. Worship My heels, lick the soles of My shoes you pathetic heel sucking slave. I own you, you are My bitch, you are My property, you are My slave worship Me!

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