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British Bratz - Princess Brookie - Brookies Boot Bitch

British Bratz - Princess Brookie - Brookies Boot Bitch

You are at the feet of Princess Brookie for one reason only today and that is to submit to her and become her boot licking bitch. Instantly weakened by her soft, leather boots you immediately adorn the whimpering wimp that you are.
You will be her human boot cleaner, using your tongue to remove any dirty, grim or filth from these boots. With each lick you are teased and tormented for your worthless ways. Mocked and humiliated as you deserve, Princess Brookie wants you to know just how much dirt these boots contain. Reminding you of her nights out wearing them and all the hot, steaming sex sessions she has worn them. God knows what are on these boots but they will be gleaming by the time you are finished.
You will of course thank your Princess for the opportunity to clean her boots and for every single mean word that is thrown your way. Loser.

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