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Humiliation POV - Goddess Sonia - Leave Your Pride Behind And Beg To Worship My Thigh High Black Boots

Humiliation POV - Goddess Sonia - Leave Your Pride Behind And Beg To Worship My Thigh High Black Boots

I know why youre here, its because youre a dirty little boot slut and you just cant wait to press your tongue against my big, beautiful, black boots. You want to taste them. Youre such a fucking loser, Ill bet youre already drooling thinking about how good these boots taste. But if you want the privilege of worshiping these boots, you stupid subservient little freak, then get down on the floor and Beg me! Say, Please Goddess, can I have just a little taste of your perfect black boots? And you better make your begging sound convincing, because if Im not convinced that you really need this, then you get nothing.Worshiping my boots and being dominated by them is a privilege for you. I dont want you to forget that, so keep begging. The more you beg the closer you get to worshiping the soles of my boots. And there is nothing sexier than a pair of thigh high latex boots, is there? Something about them is so sexy, you cant help yourself, you need to worship them. So beg loser, leave all of your pride behind. I mean what do you have to be proud of anyway? Youre a man whos desperate to lick the bottom of my boots. So beg and amuse me, dont let pride stand in the way of what you really want, these boots.Theyre so hyp n0 t!zing, look at how they move, look at how they shine, look at how they shape my perfect legs. They almost put you in a trance. And you love how I degrade you and make you beg for them. You love being teased and humiliated by me. Go on, kiss them, lick them, taste every inch. Suck on the heel, take it down your throat, nice and deep. You like that dont you, my little boot slut? Give my boots the attention they deserve.You love when I treat you like this, dont you? You love being nothing more than a boot worshiping loser, a tongue for me to use simply to clean my boots before I kick you out. This is your only purpose. This is your only use. You dont get to worship my tits, or my ass, or my pussy, youd have no idea what to do. Youre a boot bitch, this is all you know, all youre good at. This is the only thing that makes your cock hard. Your place is on your knees, worshiping my boots.

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