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Goddess Hayden Hart - Holiday Party Tip

Goddess Hayden Hart - Holiday Party Tip

Every year I hire a company to serve my holiday party. You are there every single year. I normally leave a tip at the end of party. This year my guest raved about the service. The champagne was flowing all night. There was not one dry glass in the house. During the party I notice you staring at my legs and shoes. I figured you had weird shoe fetish but, then I started dangling my shoe off my foot and I noticed you had a bulge in your pants. You have a foot fetish. After all the guest leave I tell you its time for your tip. This year I'm going to let you jerk to my perfect feet. You did an excellent job this year and I feel a lame server like yourself deserves a tip that is earned. This clip contains: FOOT FETISH, FEET JOI, BAREFOOT, DANGLING, BRUNETTE, HOLIDAY, COUNTDOWN TO CUM, JERK OFF INSTRUCTIONS, LEGS

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