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Lindsey Leigh - Cute Dirty Feet

Lindsey Leigh - Cute Dirty Feet

My feet are dirty, stinky and covered in filth after a long day of shooting. Why are my feet dirty? Do you not know how to do your job foot slug? A princess like myself can not have filthy soles. I want you to get down on your stomach, chin up and stick your tongue out. This should be the position you are always in when you notice even a speck of dirt on my feet. I want you to lick my feet clean until they are back to the perfect and clean goddess feet. Of course you will get aroused licking my toes. Since you are already my foot slug on the ground why don't you begin gyrating and humping my floor. Look at you go, my floor feels good on your cock doesn't it? Keep licking, sucking and fucking my floor until I count you down and leave your pants covered in foot loser jizz.

Model: Lindsey Leigh
Format: MP4
Quality: 1280x720
File Size : 279 MB
Duration: 00:12:31


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