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Empress Mika Lick My Sneakers, Suck My Socks, Earn Your Way To My Feet

Empress Mika  Lick My Sneakers, Suck My Socks, Earn Your Way To My Feet

Are you ready for your training? I know you're excited to see my bare feet. You're excited at just the thought of them. But for now you get to stare at my sneakers, with socks on, and can you imagine just how sweaty my feet are in these sneakers? I was just at the gym and my feet are sweaty. Should I take these off and let you worship my sweaty, smelly size ten feet? Should I just start stripping away the layers? No, of course not, that's not what this training is all about. In fact, the more you want my feet, the more I delight in prolonging your desire and making you wait. You need to prove to me just how bad you want to worship my big powerful feet.

I want you to go ahead and worship my feet in these sneakers. Look at the soles of my sneakers and worship them. You're lucky I even let you look at them. But as long as you're down there, go on and lick them. Lick my fucking sneakers idiot. Smell them. Everything that you want to do to my bare feet, I want you to do to my sneakers. You're so pathetic, look at you down there. I know you want my feet so badly and I take delight in shattering those desires. Just stare at my sneakers and inhale them, lick them, worship them. You need to really impress me or I am not going to take them off.

Look at you, you're so disgusting. But you want to be the foot bitch that I deserve. This is the foot bitch that I want you to be. And I know that you're going to be a good boy and lick my nasty sneakers clean. Because you'll do anything just to earn the privilege of my amazing feet. I want to see you clean them enthusiastically with your tongue. Just look at my sneakers, do you see them in a whole new way? But I'm not through with you yet. This is just the beginning.

Now that my sneakers are full of your nasty saliva, I will never wear them again, which means you have to buy me new sneakers, since these are now useless. And now it's time for you to focus on my socks. My socks are moist and sweaty from being in my sneakers, and they are perfect for you to worship. Look at my socked feet, worship them. Look at the fuzzies on them. I want you to put my sweaty moist socks in your mouth. Do it. Lick my socked feet like a good foot bitch. Inhale them. Suck the sweat from my socks. Soon you'll just be sucking your own nasty saliva from my socks. That's exactly what you deserve. Worship my socked feet loser. Good boy.

Since you've been a good boy and my socks are all nasty from your saliva, I'm going to take them off and show you my feet. Oh and now you owe me some new socks too, lol! Look at my feet, this is the moment you've been waiting for. My socks are so disgusting just like you. I'm so glad to have them off. You're so lucky to my foot slave in training, aren't you? Look at my feet and feel your desire for them. Look at each and every one of my toes. Look at how perfect they are. Look at my soles and my heels. Look how big they are. They're so powerful, they own your life, don't they?

And that is why you're just going to look at them. You're not going to lick them, or taste them, you're just going to look at them and stroke and really feel how powerful they are. I mean look at my pussy, that doesn't turn you on nearly as much as when I show you my feet, does it? And that's how you know that you're my good foot bitch. Now cum for my big size ten powerful feet that own you. Good boy. This is just the beginning, isn't it? You love my feet and I know you'll do anything for them.

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