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Empress Jennifer - Foot Feeding Picnic Date

Empress Jennifer - Foot Feeding Picnic Date
you thought you would have a romantic picnic with Empress? A Day full of what? Laughs, with lunch and drinking and ME? Well, you're sorta right. Definitely stuff like that will happen, but probably not in the way you imagined.. Because that would be like, SO "date"-like. AND YOU would NEVER be someone I'd date haha. So instead, you will buy Me My snacks. starbucks and sit nearby watching Me enjoy My picnic... The ONLY way you can have a picnic WITH ME, is to eat the seeds and stems of the cherries I spit out! haha. Maybe I'll let you have a cherry like a regular guy. BUT ONLY if I feed it to you.. with My FEET! Everyone here laughing at you... but at least you can make us all laugh, by being you: A FOOT LOSER.

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