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Real Bare Soles - "Say hi to him"

Real Bare Soles -  "Say hi to him"

Amazing experience this spring on the lawn! And it's about time, this year has started out really slow. I got a few clips but I would not add them to my store, because the women are not pretty enough. Not the problem here though! This absolutely beautiful girl, about five eleven, was on the lawn with her much shorter friend who looks so much like Kirsten Dunst, for a second I thought it was Kirsten Dunst. She had her big, very fashionable track shoes off and her very large, slender bare feet up. She was not moving her feet, and wasn't really talking with her friend. My god what a view -- she has an amazing body, her legs go on forever, her feet are really big and their soles look incredibly soft and sensitive, and she is as pretty as a movie star! I really, really did not want to blow this, so I sat down, very nonchalant, and slipped my camcorder out -- but nope, the Kirsten Dunst girl saw it INSTANTLY and I heard and saw her point right at it to the tall girl, and I wondered what was going to happen. I could either sit there and not shoot, the camera on the ground between my legs, or I could risk it and slide the camcorder up onto my lap and open the viewfinder. I has a short internal struggle but the dry spell, and the sheer stunning beauty of her face and soles, drove me to reach down, get the camcorder, and open the viewfinder.

When I got her in my viewfinder I was very surprised to see her feet were still up and now they were rubbing vigorously together, as if she was trying to start a fire. I could see she was looking down at the camcorder, and looking at her friend, and sometimes she had a look of amazement like, "WTF Ashley???" that sort of thing, but interestingly she kept her feet down. I just went with it, sitting there keeping her in my viewfinder, watching the minutes tick by, amazed by my good fortune. Her soles totally took up my viewfinder -- so big -- and her facial expressions were completely classic! I suspect they were visiting because of the stuff they had with them, and this was a freaky experience that she wanted to see unfold, despite the fact that, well, a strange guy was filming her and her bare feet. And so she did. They didn't talk much, but one time she pointed right at me and said, "say hi to him" and they laughed!

Raw, this shoot was along seventeen minutes long, and I wanted to trim it down a bit but that was extremely difficult! Her facial expressions and foot movements were just impossible to leave out! Likewise when I made the caps for the previews on the forums, I had 60 to whittle down. Amazing amazing amazing. At the end she recrossed her legs and her feet were pointed more away from me, but the view of the beautiful sides of her feet was so amazing I didn't move to line her soles up with the camera. A great way to end this clip. She put her feet down and pulled her seat over right next to the Kirsten Dunst girl and they watched something on her phone together for a few minutes, then they walked out on the sixth avenue side. As soon as I saw they were leaving I left myself, because I wanted to get home and check this out immediately!

Format: MP4
Quality: 1920x1080
File Size : 3.38 GB
Duration: 00:14:08


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