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Goddess Natalie Dirty flip flops amp foot worship

Goddess Natalie  Dirty flip flops amp foot worship
Summer is almost here, and its already starting to be so hot outside..its been really hot today, 30 degrees Celsius. So hot that I even wore my flip flops to the beach! I went for a nice long walk with some friends and had lots more walking to do all day in those flip flops, and given how hot it was, I definitely sweated like hell in them..on top of all the sand and dirt thats all over them now. Wellthat shouldnt be a I was planning to buy some brand new ones and sell you the old ones..just that you might have to say quite a few paychecks to be able to afford them but thats fine, I have all the time in the world to wait for you to save the money, as long as I get my feet licked and cleaned up while I wait, of course. Now get to it, little bitch, I wanna see how talented that tongue of yours can be!

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