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Mistress Lucy Khan Executrix POV Perfect Ass Stinky Feet

Mistress Lucy Khan  Executrix POV Perfect Ass Stinky Feet
I know. My ass is your kryptonite, isn't it? Look at how round My booty is, how smooth and bouncy My cheeks are--especially when they're being shoved in your face, tormenting you with a taste of what you'll never have. You're so weak for Me that we all know you'll do just about anything to get close to My perfect peach...even be My personal foot bitch! That's right, I don't care if I've been wearing the same socks for a week and a half, you're personally responsible for cleaning every speck of dust and ever smudge of dirt off My deliciously pungent feet. In fact, I know that I won't need pedicures anymore, because no matter how calloused or stinky they get, you're there to clean them all--devouring My dirty feet like it's your favorite meal, hahahaha. But if you do a good job, you'll be rewarded like the nasty little pig you are--with farts straight from My ass to your face...and if you do a bad job? You don't even know where I'll stuff you for your punishment might just suffocate from too much of a good thing...

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