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Empress Jennifer - Your Wife Should Know

I've decided that it is about time your stupid, fat wife knows about what I do to you. How I treat you. How I OWN you. And it will be SO entertaining for me... I want to DEGRADE you right in front of your ugly wife. She doesn't even know about me, does she? She doesn't even know about how I you? She doesn't even know about your fetishes because she would never understand them. Well, that is just going to make it all the more FUN for me to you right in front of her!

So here's the plan- your anniversary is coming up, isn't it? I want you to make a special reservation at the hotel where you had your honeymoon. When your wife shows up, you are going to tie her to the bed. Then I am going to come in! And I am going to bark orders at you and you will OBEY me like the DOGGG that you are- right in front of your wife! She will be SHOCKED and MORTIFIED a teh way I treat you. I am going to laugh in her face about how bad I treat her husband- then I am going to SHOW her! I will spit in your face, smack you around, and laugh about how you mean NOTHING to me- that you are nothing but my SLAVE. I am going to brag to your wife that you never have any money to do "nice things" for her because you give all your money to ME and laugh that the "man" that she is married to PAYS ME to LICK THE DIRT OFF MY SHOES. LOL!!!

Then I am going to do the most degrading, DEHUMANIZING thing I can think of to do to another human being- and I am going to do it to YOU right in front of your wife!!

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