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Lady Victoria Valente - Be my foot worm

Lady Victoria Valente - Be my foot worm

Lady Victoria Valente: I just came back from shopping, now I need to relax first! I will train YOU to my foot worm! Whenever I am shopping from you shall smell my stinky sneakers! Today I they are worn barefoot my feet all sweaty and cheesy! Smell my cheesy soles! I will tell you how I had imagined. You will always pay my purchase and if I am then back you snooping in my stinky sneakers and my soles! My foot worm makes it happy and puts me even large bills between my sexy toes. You can be proud then to be able to also be my money slave! I am gutting you, addicted you will be by my cheesy scents! And you will not get enough of it, quite noisy You will be me! Greedy for my feet! Follow my instructions worm! Close ups! Foot fetish Jeans Tank Top cheesy smelly feet barefoot feet foot fetish smell foot smell Sneakers soles wrinkles Moneyslave Training and humiliation verbal humiliation sweaty pov solo female femdom pov - Please do not share my Clips on the Internet! WMV Clip, German language.

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