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Sweet Southern Feet - Emma and Chloe compare feet and toe fight

Sweet Southern Feet - Emma and Chloe compare feet and toe fight

Chloe and Emma are sitting at home when Chloe notices Emma's feet are almost the same size a hers but believes her feet are a little bigger. The girls go back and forth trying to decide exactly whos are bigger. They then compare feet, but both girls think there's are bigger then the other. Chloe and Emma then start comparing other body parts to see who will come out on top. The beautiful girls then get in the floor and begin to toe wrestle! Neither of the girls can agree on who's bigger, so they decide to play a game to see who's stronger! Chloe pulls out a board and the girls have to lock toes and see who can get the other persons foot to the other side. Its clear Chloe stronger, but Emma's not giving up easy. She then pulls out a pencil and they now have to stick each end in between there big sexy toe and try to pull it from the other. Once the girls are done they continue going back and forth about who's stronger and who's bigger. Chloe then jumps on Emma, but Emma manages to get on top and puts her sweaty, smelly feet right on Chloe

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