FootFetish » Tickling » The Great Foot Fiasco! Pt. 1 - Tied and Foot-Worshiped!

The Great Foot Fiasco! Pt. 1 - Tied and Foot-Worshiped!

The Great Foot Fiasco! Pt. 1 - Tied and Foot-Worshiped!

Billionaire, Kevin Styles and his butler, Phillip, schedule Mr. Styles' dates, much the way businesses schedule clients. However, their system isn't perfect and today Scorpion and Alexa J. have shown up, on a day that was supposed to be vacant! Each of the feisty redheads thinks that she should be the one who is allowed to stay and see Mr. Styles!

As each woman tries to assert her dominance, a catfight breaks out! Phillip foolishly tries to break them up, resulting in a three-way slapstick comedy of errors that ends with Scorpion and Alexa being subdued by a security countermeasure and tied up and left in the study, by Phillip!

While the bound pair wait for Phillip, sexy maid, Dacey Harlot checks in on them. She warns them that Phillip has something in store for them, but in the meantime, she has her own plans! She removes their shoes and begins to worship their sweaty, bare feet! Alexa is all in, as soon as she feels Dacey's lips and tongue on her sensitive toes and Scorpion, though paranoid is quickly won over by the kinky, little maid's toe-sucking mastery! Both women are confused but their confusion soon turns to sheer foot heaven as Dacey seduces them via their helpless, tender feet! But, what happens when Phillip returns? Find out now and stay tuned for part two!

Keywords: wrinkled soles, toe wiggling, long toes, scorpion, alexa j., dacey harlot, CAT FIGHTING, FOOT WORSHIP, BONDAGE, TOE SUCKING, BAREFOOT

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