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Nyssa Nevers Always Naughty Shoe Fits, Feather Hits

Nyssa Nevers Always Naughty  Shoe Fits, Feather Hits

Nyssa is just one of Mistress Emilys many house maids, and theres strict rules to follow here. The number one rule is that the maids are FORBIDDEN to wear shoes, NO SHOES AT ALL! Nyssa understands the rules clearly and would never be caught wearing shoes around Mistress Emily, buuuuutttt.But theres this handsome man who is coming to town to open a shoe company, and Nyssa has noticed him noticing her, so she figured shed take a chance and try to impress him. She secretly went out and bought a pair of really fancy elegant silver high heels, something shes never done before, and she spent so much money on them. Shes hidden them in her room and cant wait til tomorrow when he arrives. Nyssa feels like if she dresses a bit more nice and wears the new heels, maybe he will REALLY notice her and take her away from this horrible maid life.

Unfortunately Mistress Emily found the sparkly high heels in Nyssas room and shes pissed and confronts her lowly maid. Nyssa tres to lie and say shes bought them for a friend for her birthday, but Emily does not believe her one bit! Emily tells her to get up the stairs into the attic, and Nyssa knows shes in for it. Emily ties her naughty maid to the chair and starts to interrogate her. She demands that Nyssa admits those are her heels, but Nyssa sticks to her story. Emily places one of the heels on Nyssas foot and sure enough, it fits perfectly! Nyssa is in big trouble now, theres no convincing Emily they are not hers! Emily is always armed with this crazy long parrot feather, its how she keeps all her workers in check. Not a single one of them can stand the stroke of a feather on their foot, its pure torture. Emily tickles Nyssas feet as she interrogates her more. Emily is so mean with that feather, going up and down Nyssas bare soles, and even poking her with the quill part, its much too ticklish for poor Nyssa to stand. When Emily believes the punishment is over, she tells Nyssa that she has to stay in the attic all night and will not be seeing the shoe manager, she will be hidden from him. And Emily also sticks a feather between each of Nyssas toes and swears that if Nyssa makes any noise, more punishment will continue, and if she drops a single feather, each feather dropped will equal to an extra night in the attic tied to that chair. Nyssa doesnt dare make a sound or drop a feather!

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