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Xanas Foot Fantasies - Kaelyn's Foot Tickling Punishment

Xanas Foot Fantasies - Kaelyn's Foot Tickling Punishment

Miss Kaelyn has a strong fetish for smelly, stinky socks. That is what often brings her to the female locker room in her high school where she sneaks in to steal the smelly, sweaty socks of her classmates. She has been doing that for quite a while without getting caught and this is the reason why Kaelyn now visits the female locker room every day to select the smelliest socks and take them for her sexy socks collection. Today, however, Kaelyn is busted by the high-school principal, Goddess Xana, who, following a series of complaints from other students, had installed a camera in the locker room in order to bust the sock thief. And she does! Just as Kaelyn is about to walk away with a pair, of knee-high smelly colorful socks, Xana walks in and busts her. Now Kaelyn has to take a punishment! Xana gags her with the very socks that Kaelyn had just stolen, removes her shoes and delivers a cruel tickling to the bottoms of the large feet of Kaelyn. Now the young sock thief learns that stealing is not a good thing to do, even if that is to be stealing just worn, smelly, sweaty socks!

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