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UK Tickling - Kristine Wasnt Ready For Her First Tickle Session!

UK Tickling - Kristine Wasnt Ready For Her First Tickle Session!

Kristine is a beautiful mature pinup model. She's a glamorous bombshell with some sexy feet and she's seriously ticklish too! Kristine didn't read the brief before the shoot and thought she was coming to do a photoshoot (true story!) She had never experienced any kind of bondage before and was nervous about being tied she was not at all ready to be tied and tickled! She got very anxious when we tried the first scene and we were going to abandon the shoot but decided to try again. We agreed to try a foot tickling scene without bondage if she could control herself enough to be tickledshe tried, but we still ended up having to bind her ankles before long! Kristine wears a hot retro jumpsuit with sheer pantyhose and heels. She reluctantly puts her feet up and tries her best to handle it as her heels come off and her nylon feet are tickled. She is super-ticklish and can't help fighting it! She goes crazy when her ankles are trapped and her feet tickled. She squirms and kicks frantically to try and get away. It's even worse when the brush is used on her sensitive soles and she cracks up completely! Kristine is a lot of fun and her reactions are great but we have to strap her ankles in order to hold on to her. She still struggles like crazy but can't get away so easily now and she laughs, squeals and pleads as the tickling continuesKristine is already breathless but she keeps fighting it! We turn her face down and tickle her again, even tying her nylons together to keep hold of her feet. After some more nylon foot tickling, the pantyhose are ripped and her sexy bare soles get tickled too. She tries to hold still but really can't cope with it at all, and even the feather proves ticklish as it strokes her toes and soles! We really go to town on her bare feet in the final minutes, adding baby lotion and finally the brush, which has poor Kristine thrashing around wildly and begging for it to stop. She's truly exhausted by the end.The experience was a little too wild for her so she won't be back but at least we got a great clip with her!

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