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Russian Fetish Light soles tickling for Shushara

Russian Fetish  Light soles tickling for Shushara
Shushara, or the ticklish foot. Yes, Shushara the ticklish foot, this nickname perfectly characterizes this girl. In general, I am always extremely happy when we manage to film girls with a similar reaction to tickling. Her laughter tones and charges me with energy and pleasure. Just imagine how it happens in tickling comics, there they only bring a feather to the girls foot and move it slightly, as she already spreads in hysterical laughter. So the reaction of Shushara reminded me of this. 9 out of 10. And that is only because 10 out of 10 is an almost unattainable ideal. When I asked what her reaction to tickling before filming, she said that her feet are very sensitive. But I couldnt even imagine how sensitive they are. In general, in this video, I tickle her feet with a feather only, I didnt even have to take more serious devices to make her giggle properly. Enjoy!

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