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The Tickle Room - Ama Rio and Amber - Playing Foot Games

The Tickle Room - Ama Rio and Amber - Playing Foot Games
Ama Rio is one of the MOST ticklish models I have EVER worked with. She just went through the MOST INTENSE tickling she has EVER had with me and now its time to wind down the intensityand start the foot games! We start with a simple and fun challenge. We remove her shoes and tickle her socks up. She HAS to keep them on but if they come off she gets 2 minutes of upperbody. Me and Amber remove Ama Rios sexy boots and her LONG blue crew socks. She handles the challenge really well but me and Amber REALLY get in her soles and poor toes. We play a small game of this little piggy but decide to turn it up with some added tools. Now its time for another fun game. She MUST keep her toes spread while I tickle each toe with a dental flosser. If she crunches her toes she gets the brush and massage tool. For some added fun I use the dental flosser and Amber lightly uses the quill on Ama Rios soles. So far so good as we move into dont move dont laugh. She spreads her toes as me and Amber go RIGHT into her toes and soles. Poor Ama Rio is trying SO HARD not to laugh breathing heavily and tensing her muscles. Does she make it? Find out but thats not done there as we move on to the HARDEST game the money challenge. She has to hold a dollar in between her big toes. She giggles and screams as me and Amber invade Ama Rios big LONG toes and soles. Ama Rio really does have some AMAZING feet BUT now here is the hardest one. She has to crunch her toes and we place a quarters in EVERY toe. She SCREAMS as we tickle with fingers and tools getting every wrinkle and toe we can! This is DEFINITELY a MUST have for foot lovers out there!

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